西敏寺 seeks to glorify God by providing an excellent education that equips students to live extraordinary lives for 耶稣基督.


We endeavor to place 耶稣基督 at the center of everything we do. 因此:

  • We strive to have love and grace permeate and influence all relationships.
  • We seek to integrate Christian thought, faith and practice into every 西敏寺 experience.
  • We prepare students to understand and lead lives from a biblical perspective.
  • We desire that students know and en快乐 耶稣基督 as their personal Lord and Savior and grow in relationship with Him.

澳门赌城相信每个人都是按照上帝的形象创造的. 因此:

  • 澳门赌城想知道, 爱和服务所有学生作为个人, 认识和发展他们独特的天赋和能力, 使他们能完成神在他们生命中的目的.
  • We acknowledge, appreciate and adjust to the various ways that students learn.
  • We develop well-rounded students in academics, 艺术 and athletics.
  • We strive to be a school community that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity in the body of Christ.

We develop students of integrity and honor who embrace and emulate Christ-like character. 因此:

  • 澳门赌城培养学生拥有知识, 技能, 应对当今世界挑战的勇气和领导力.
  • 澳门赌城培养那些在服务他人而不是自己中找到乐趣的学生.
  • 澳门赌城努力成为一个以爱而闻名的学校社区, 快乐, 和平, 耐心, 善良, 善, 诚实, 温柔和自我控制.
  • 澳门赌城向学生灌输爱国和爱国的思想, 它为澳门赌城提供了宗教自由来实现澳门赌城的信仰. 

澳门赌城在学术上力求卓越, 艺术, 澳门真人赌城和学校生活的各个方面,以荣耀神. 因此:

  • We set high academic standards and expectations for our students and challenge them to do their very best.
  • We prepare students for extraordinary success in college and life.

We positively influence our school, local community and the world. 因此:

  • 澳门赌城要求学生以他们的基督教信仰采取行动.
  • 澳门赌城管理学校的资源来服务他人.




In 1971 a group of parents stepped out in faith to start a Christian school with high academic standards. 感谢那些祈祷者, 这些创始人的辛勤工作和慷慨的心, 奥古斯塔威斯敏斯特学校 was founded in 1972 as a ministry of First Presbyterian Church. 这所学校仍然是教会的事工, though the school and church are separate entities on different campuses. 差不多50年后, 威斯敏斯特是上帝忠诚的见证, the vision of First Presbyterian Church of Augusta and the foresight of those founding families.

With a current enrollment of around 500 students in 从幼儿园到12年级, our school has come a long way from the beginning with 178 students in rented facilities. In 1972, 西敏寺 purchased 25 acres on Wheeler Road in West Augusta and in 1975 buildings opened for classes. In 1999, 另外获得了五英亩土地和潘普林庄园, 目前的低学部建筑, 加入了威斯敏斯特校园的足迹. 2012年又增加了近四英亩土地. Knox Hall, a multi-purpose building, was added to the campus in 2017.

澳门赌城展望威斯敏斯特大学未来的成功时, the Head of School and 董事会 have provided direction for our future through a strategic plan and a campus master plan.

奥古斯塔威斯敏斯特学校 is dually accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Southern Association of Independent Schools. Professional memberships include the National Association of Independent Schools, 教育记录局, 乔治亚独立学校协会, National Association for College Admission 咨询 and The College Board. 西敏寺 is also a charter member of the Council for Educational Standards and Accountability


威斯敏斯特大学毕业生 understand the times and know what they should do.

他们寻求耶稣基督并跟随他. With Christian minds they critically think about the world in which they live and work. 他们服务并影响他们的社区和世界.

威斯敏斯特大学毕业生 move from the classroom to the athletic field and fine 艺术 center with ease.

They en快乐 life, are not afraid to work hard and others seek their company. 他们认真倾听,有效沟通. 他们欣赏上帝创造的美丽和复杂.

威斯敏斯特大学毕业生 work well with others but are unafraid to chart their own course.

They value the insights and gifts of others and contribute to the strength of a team. 他们的关系以优雅和仁慈为标志. They are willing to take risks because they are confident in God's calling and purposes.

威斯敏斯特大学毕业生 do the right thing even when no one is looking and even at personal cost.

They live with integrity, act responsibly and respect others and God's gift of creation. In light of eternity, they pursue justice with wisdom and humility.

威斯敏斯特大学毕业生, 知道他们还没有到达, 不断寻求改进,努力做好.

They are inspired lifelong learners who find solutions by asking good questions. 他们勤奋地磨练自己的技能,有效地管理时间. 在所有的事情上,他们追求卓越,以荣耀上帝.

"西敏寺 not only equipped me with the study 技能 and strong work ethic needed to be successful in college, 但也成为了我家庭的延伸. 西敏寺 has given me a life-long support network filled with individuals who clearly demonstrate their love for me and for Jesus!"

Brielle Smith, 15岁,约翰霍普金斯大学,2019年神经科学


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